Why We Are Saying Goodbye to the 5pm Service

One of the common questions over the last few months has been whether or not we will adjust any service times when the next phase opens. In summer of 2017, when we thought the building wasn’t going to be able to happen, we decided that we were still called to find a way to make more room to love more people. Thus, the 5pm service was born.

Some of you came to help make space in the morning services, some of you preferred something a little less crowded, and some of you simply weren’t able to attend in the morning services. We have loved the things we have learned through the people in this service over the last year and a half, and are genuinely thankful for each of you continuing to attend.

As we look ahead at all of the things coming up over the next few months and think through what will be most realistic regarding service times after we expand…we end up at one of those tough decisions where we have to stop something that is good, to do something that is better.

The primary purpose of the 5pm service was to create space as our morning services were totally full. With the expansion completing in a few months we begin to think through the Vista culture, and we would ultimately love to avoid spreading our volunteers too thin. We also like the feeling of having us all back together again in the morning, and there are a ton of construction logistics coming up that will make Sunday night services a bit of a moving target.

We have carefully considered the options and have ultimately determined that our last 5pm service will be on January 27th. We would love for you all to join in one of our morning services, and we also have several small groups that meet on Sunday nights if you aren’t able to attend in the morning. We know that a lot of you have grown to love this service, and we want you to know that you were very carefully considered in this decision. We hope that you will continue to worship with us at the 5pm through the rest of January.