February Next Phase Update

As construction begins to kick into high gear we are excited to walk you through a few environments that we are really excited to utilize as a church! Throughout the last year our team has really evaluated how we could grow the building to make more room to love more people without making a person feel lost in a crowd. One area that was particularly challenging was our new auditorium.

Each week we gather over three services, and we squeeze up to 650 people into the auditorium in our busiest service with another 100+ participating in the overflow area in the Commons. This, of course, led us to creating lots of additional space in the auditorium so that overflow can avoided (for awhile at least). However, if we were to make the auditorium big enough to accommodate Sunday morning, how do we keep that space usable for all of the other events we do during the week? What would it feel like to have a wedding, college event, student event, or local partner event with just 150 people in a big 1200 seat room? The answer? Not Good.

Stuck in this tension of needing to have enough space for Sunday–but not too much space for everything else–was a challenge that put our building team to the test.

After visiting tons of different facilities and hours and hours of planning we found a solution that seems to work in every situation! We are going to raise up the back half of the auditorium into what we call “elevated seating.” This strategy will accomplish a few goals for us:

It will make the room feel smaller. When you walk in through the entry tunnel you will actually enter into the middle of the auditorium. For a smaller event, we will close off the elevated seating behind you, and it will feel like a cozy and intimate room.

We can increase visibility and connection when the room is full. Without elevated seating, the people in the back corners would be so far away and looking through so many people that it would be difficult to see the stage.

It creates additional usable space. Underneath the seating, we have gained over 1500 square feet of space that we can use for a new prayer room, facility storage, and more!

We really believe that the elevated seating solution in the auditorium will be a huge benefit to our goals of creating an environment where people can experience Jesus. We also feel that we are better stewarding our space by ensuring it’s not just a giant cavern that can only be used on Sundays, but rather a simple, excellent, and functional space that be a blessing to our ministries and local partners throughout the week.

See what the elevating seating in the new auditorium will look like below!

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 3.39.13 PM.png

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