High School Dominican Trip: Recap

At the beginning of June, our high school students went to the Dominican Republic to partner and serve alongside GoMad Missions. Abigail Morgan, one of the students, shares her experience on the trip!

Through Vista Students, I was able to participate in my first mission trip to the Dominican Republic (DR). My team and I went to the DR to spread Jesus’ love and good news through acts of kindness and service.

On the first day, we were able to visit a Drug and Alcohol rehab center to worship and pray with the men there. It was amazing to hear singing to God in their native language. I loved getting to hear some of the men’s testimonies and how God changed their lives. The main guy who ran the facility struggled with drug addiction for 24 years and was shot, but survived! He was able to find God and believe that through Him, he could overcome. Another man grew up in Boston, but was sent to the DR because of his addiction with drugs. He was able to find Jesus through this rehab center and it changed his life for the better. He now has a son and is motivated to ask God to help him be a godly father. It was inspiring to see these men who were in difficult situations be so full of joy!


In the village of Serveret, we learned how to make concrete by scratch and use it to make a sidewalk. The people of the village would come along side us and show us how to do things correctly and encouraged us to keep going even though we were there to serve them!

In the village of Ascensión, we helped a feeding program serve food to children. This experience was extremely overwhelming for me. Children were everywhere running, screaming, laughing, hitting, but most of them just wanted to hold your hand and give us a hug. We were able to make relationships with some sweet kids even though we didn’t speak the same language. I met a boy name Yoell who loved to give the biggest bear hugs! I also met a girl named Ellison who just wanted to hold my hand and play with my sunglasses. When it came time to leave the village, I didn’t want to leave these children at all!


What I was not expecting from this trip was that the Dominicans would teach us things to take back to our home. They taught me the importance of sacrificing for others. The people in Severet looked out for each other and were willing to help their neighbors with anything. My team would be working on a project in their village and the Dominicans would come up to help us complete our task that we were doing for them, even without us asking. I think that is something we can take back to the States. Be willing to help out the people you interact with everyday without being asked first. They also taught me kindness and thankfulness. Every person I met had a smile on their face. They were proud of what they had – finding joy and happiness in their situations. It’s crazy to see in America how fortunate we really are and still cannot acquire enough happiness to sustain us. From this, I think we can learn to be thankful for what God has blessed us with and use what God has given us to bless others. Overall, those were just a few things that God has really opened my eyes to this week in the DR.

In addition to learning these things, I’m also very appreciative of my incredible team that I got to know better and that worked so hard. God has blessed me with this experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Him. This trip has truly changed my perspective of the world for the better!

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