A Farewell to Vista Women, by Carla Weathersbee

I write this letter to let you all know that Byron and I will be moving the first week in January and I am stepping down from leading the women’s ministry at Vista Community Church.

Carla and Byron with their family

Carla and Byron with their family

We spent the summer and fall praying about our ongoing work with Legacy Family Ministries founded in 1995. With the full support of our board, we have decided to return to Waco to continue where we started. After almost 10 years serving in the Belton/Temple/Salado area, God is nudging us back home. 

In our 30s-40s, we probably had no business preparing the next generation for marriage.  In our 50s-60s-70s, shame on us if we are not! We are excited to prepare, equip, and restore marriages.

Incredibly Grateful

We were approaching the “empty nester” season when we moved here allowing more time and margins in our lives.  Little did I know, God would open the door for me to invest into the lives of the women at Vista. What an incredible, life changing experience to journey alongside some of the most amazing women EVER!! Make no mistake that God used many women to build this ministry and I was just a small part. God showed up in spite of our feeble efforts. We all had a front row seat to watch lives transformed by the love of Jesus. Whether it was the Made for More events, Breathe retreats, Bible studies, Coffee and Dessert nights, or the Summer conversation groups, these were sacred spaces where women built honest and authentic Christ centered friendships and nourished their souls as they connected with God in meaningful ways.

Thank You, Vista Women

Thank you, Vista women, for entrusting me with your struggles and victories as you shared with me some of the deepest and hardest parts of your lives. I will treasure our relationship always. Keep growing in “patient discipleship” as a mature Christ follower. Keep living for a story that is bigger than yourself. Stay connected to other godly friends who will fight sin with you and remind you often to trust deeply in the finished work of Jesus. We need each other and were never meant to walk alone.

Sarah Hammond and her family

Sarah Hammond and her family

What’s Next?

When God calls a leader away, it’s awesome to see Him call new leadership. I am so excited that Sarah Hammond will be stepping in to this new role. She has been a huge part of the leadership team. As many of you already know, Sarah is a gifted teacher and leader. She comes to this role out of a sense of calling and deep gratitude for the huge way God has transformed her life and marriage. She will do an incredible job!! Sarah is NOT an empty nester by any means and will need your support.

Thank you, Vista women and Vista staff, for the opportunity to serve this church that Byron and I so dearly love. We leave with full and grateful hearts knowing that God has even greater things in store for Vista Community Church.

With joy and gratitude,

Carla Weathersbee