A Parent's First Baby Dedication, by Shannon Jacobsen

Baby Dedication Sunday. One of my absolute favorite Sundays of the year. I love seeing proud new parents with their sweet babies, the emotions you hear in their voice as they share their hopes and dreams for them, and most importantly, witnessing as they dedicate their precious child to the Lord. 

Jacobsen - Family.jpeg

This year, baby dedication was a little sweeter for Josh and I. Four months ago, we began this wonderful journey of parenthood and this year we were able to participate in baby dedication as first-time parents. As with anything, parenting has its ups and downs. But, there’s nothing in this world that can compare. For me, being a mom is really a dream come true; the transition into parenting has been pretty smooth for both of us. When we heard about baby dedication a few months backs,  we were thrilled to be able to dedicate Emma Kate. What an honor it is to stand up before our family and friends and the church and declare our intentions to raise her to know and love Jesus. 

As parents, we have a huge responsibility. We want to raise our children to be kind, compassionate people. We hope that they have drive and determination. We want them to set goals and work towards them. But, more importantly than all of those things, we want them to love Jesus. We pray that they will learn that our savior Jesus Christ is the truth, the way and the light. 

Jacobsen - Child.jpg

The whole process of baby dedication was a great experience, and it was really a special time for us as parents. When we found out we had to write a letter to our daughter for her eighteenth birthday, it seemed like such a big responsibility. Thinking ahead, what do we hope for her, and want to say to her, on her eighteenth birthday?! But, really it turned out to be such a great thing to sit down and actually think about who she will be and what we hope for her through the years. When you think about parenting with the end in mind, it really causes a shift in your thinking. When your child turns eighteen, what is your ultimate goal? Our biggest hope and prayer is that she will always love God. We pray that she will trust God to lead her, protect her and provide for her always. 

As we set out on this journey of parenthood, we know we’ll make mistakes. And, hopefully, we’ll learn from them. Parenting with the end in mind, and God on our side...there’s no greater journey we can be apart of. 


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