April Next Phase Update

Construction is really beginning to speed up around Vista as we get closer to the finish line! Each day we see tremendous progress being made as we race to complete our expanded Kids, Student, and Adult spaces to make more room to love more people. We are quickly approaching what we call our “transition weeks,” where we begin to merge the existing and new spaces together. It is definitely one of the most complex, stressful, and exciting segments of the Next Phase project.

Our construction team will be finally tearing down the wall to combine the two spaces starting the week leading up to Easter (April 15), and this transition will take a total of around eight weeks. The Sunday after Easter (April 28) is when you get to officially become a part of our transition process!

Starting Sunday, April 28, we will not be able to meet in the Auditorium, because it will be an active construction site, so we’ll meet in our new Student Room and expanded Commons area instead (check out the photo below and this will make a little more sense).

Rendering of the Transition Weeks worship setup.

Rendering of the Transition Weeks worship setup.

We’ll meet in the Student Room/Commons for the six Sundays following Easter (April 28-June 2). Then on the 7th Sunday (June 9) we will not meet at our building at all (due to final construction demands), but in several homes around town–just like it was when Vista first began. We’ll have more details on this exciting weekend as it gets a bit closer!

Vista worship setup in the “portable church” days.

Vista worship setup in the “portable church” days.

These transition weeks will be different, and we’ll have to forego some of the comforts we’re accustomed to in a nice, controlled Auditorium, but we don’t come to church so we can be comfortable, as we welcome the reminder. Some of my favorite moments were when we were a portable church and we banded together to turn a gym into a worship space on Saturday nights. We didn’t think to complain about the discomfort of metal chairs, critique the environment, or question the acoustics. We were simply excited to be a part of something that God was doing at Vista!

So let’s embrace these transition weeks as a reminder of who we’ve always been and always want to be–a simple church that loves Jesus and always wants to make more room to love more people. If we do that, then we’ll look back on these transition weeks and remember God’s faithfulness instead of our inconveniences.

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions we’ve had as it pertains to this time of transition.

Can we really fit in the new Student Room and Commons?

Hopefully! Our plans indicate that we should have around 575 seats available with fairly good visibility to the stage (as shown on the above rendering). This should accommodate our 8:30 and 11:30am services, considering many of our college students head home during the summer. The 10am service will be tight (as always), and we may have to extend additional seating further down into the Commons where visibility may not be great, but we’ll have TVs set up for people to watch–similar to how we currently handle overflow.

Please tell me we’ll still have coffee?!

Of course! We don’t want a mutiny. However, we plan to move the coffee bar out onto the patio at the main entrance to mitigate congestion in the Commons.

What is happening with Vista Kids?

Nothing will change with any of our Vista Kids environments from a typical Sunday morning.

What will worship be like as we meet in the Commons?

Things will be similar (we’ll still have worship and teaching), but simpler because many of our typical production elements will not be available.

Couldn’t we go off-site somewhere?

We searched but were unable to find a suitable place that could fit all of our adults and also accommodate a good environment for Vista Kids. Also, renting a space for six straight weeks would cost an exorbitant amount of money and seemed like bad stewardship. So in the end, we chose to prioritize our children and our stewardship instead of our adults’ comfort, and we hope you all understand and agree!

How can I help?

If you’re a member, then the most helpful thing you could do would be to attend the 8:30 and 11:30am service instead of the 10am, if at all possible. If you do attend the 10am, then it would be great if you would make sure you take the “bad seats” instead of the prime seats, because we always want to prioritize people who might be visiting for the first time.

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