Invitation and Belonging by Sylvia Mack

“I think you should try this Bible study with me,” a good friend said to me one day. “I think you would love how Vista does things.” This invitation came at a difficult time in my life — I was struggling to find community in a transient medical world. My husband I were thrilled to be expecting twins after a time of struggling with infertility. We had lived in Temple for three years at this point, but I didn’t feel as though we belonged anywhere. So, I accepted.

This friend forwarded me an email, describing the study in detail, how the leaders had been praying about the semester and felt led to choose the Bible study we did that semester. How we are to love God with our mind in addition to loving him with our heart, soul, and strength. I was immediately hooked — this was already unlike any study I had been a part of.

I didn’t know anyone in my small group that first day, but after just two weeks of attending I felt like I belonged. The women in my group brought me dinner after we had our sons, and continued to keep up with me throughout that summer. I could hardly wait to sign up for the fall study!

I was a part of the Women’s Ministry for two years before my husband and I officially joined Vista. Everything I heard and experienced through the ministry events left us so curious to see what the rest of the church was like. Each week, we had to pass by Vista on our way to the church we were attending at that time. It became a weekly joke that my husband would pretend he was going to pull into the Vista parking lot so we could try it. One day he really did pull in, and we knew immediately that this was where we belonged.

I didn’t know anyone in my small group that first day, but after just two weeks of attending I felt like I belonged.

Vista Women is truly what pulled our family into being a part of this church. The realness of the Coffee & Dessert nights, the community formed in our Bible study groups, the wisdom and love shown to all by the leadership, the faith-changing studies we do at Vista, and the way in which the women are truly seeking to know and better serve the Lord each day have changed me in ways I can’t measure.

Thank you to the women who extend an invitation to a Bible Study, retreat, or Coffee & Dessert night. Thank you to the women who take food to a family you’ve never met, but has a meal calendar posted on our Facebook page. Thank you to the women who invite someone they don’t know well to a play date at your house, even if it might be an awkward “mom date.” I have been the recipient of each of these acts of love, and each has changed my life for the better.


We'd love to have you to find your place in our Women's Ministry too! Check out events and ways to get involved, or send Carla Weathersbee an email with any questions.