Portable Relocation


This week Vista kicks off the Next Phase expansion by making some room to build a building. Two years ago we added portables to the west of our building to make some temporary space for our Kinder thru 5th grade students to meet for worship and small group. Our leaders and kids team have made this an incredible environment to hold us over until the expansion could begin. 

And now, the time has finally come! What does that mean for the portables? We simply want to keep the same incredible environment…But move it to the other side of the building. We know this will mean a few extra steps for you to take with your family on a Sunday, but it really is the best location considering safety, utilities, parking, and planned construction. Thanks for being patient and flexible while we waited for God’s timing.

The portables are moving this week, and we expect to have our first Sunday in the new location on Sunday, July 1.

Here are a few frequently asked questions

How will you keep our kids safe while crossing the road?

We will actually be adding barricades to block off the loop road around Vista so that no traffic can get through. This will create a safe crosswalk each Sunday.

Where should we check in our kids?

We will also be moving our two existing Wired check in stations to the INSIDE the portable buildings. There will be one inside the Kindergarten and 1st grade room and one inside the 2nd and 3rd room. As always, you can check in your whole family (nursery-5th grade) at either of these locations, or at the check in stations by the kids desk.

Will there still be restrooms available?

Yep! The existing two restrooms inside of the portables will still be available in the new location. (But encouraging your kids to go ahead of time is always encouraged!)

Is this a permanent move?

The portables will remain in this location until construction is done summer of 2019 and we move into our new kids wing. The portables will no longer be necessary once construction is complete!

What if it rains?

We don’t have a great answer other than to bring an umbrella. We’ll have ponchos and umbrellas available inside of Vista should it rain, but ultimately we just hope it doesn’t happen often!

Wait, what are we building?

We are about to begin construction to expand our facility in an effort to “make more room to love more people”. This includes a new elementary kids wing, expanded auditorium for worship, a new student environment, and additional parking. You can read more at www.thevista.tv/next