Honduras 2018

Searching for the Lost & Binding up the Injured

Honduras 2018

At Vista we are committed to being a church that lives out what it means to Love God and Love People, both in our city and around the world. Through our global partners, we are able to participate in the beautiful things that God is doing in the lives of people all over the world. One of our longest global partnerships has been with several ministries that work on the northern coast of Honduras. Recently, a team of 17 people from Vista spent time working alongside these partners sharing the love and story of Jesus in various ways.


I believe one of the most beautiful things is when Christ followers are able to use their vocational skills to serve the Kingdom. Vista’s Honduras medical team is a great example of what it means to use knowledge and giftedness to serve others. These doctors, nurses, and pharmacist were able to combine their clinical skills and love for Jesus as they saw 650 patients and gave out more than 1600 prescriptions through five different clinics. Many of these patients suffer from treatable diseases yet cannot afford regular medical care. Clinics such as the ones the team provides are truly a lifeline for these people to receive care. One of the nurses on the team spoke of the incredible power of combining health education with medical care, and its ability to transform lives. By praying for patients, offering a word of hope, and a gentle touch these medical professionals aimed to provide holistic care to those they interacted with.


An additional team of people from Vista had the opportunity to work alongside Signs of Love, a ministry seeking to share language and Jesus’ love with the deaf of Honduras and Peru. Signs of Love has sought out people who are deaf in rural villages across the Northern Coast of Honduras for more than 20 years. This team was able to be a part of what is lovingly called “Egg Hunting” as they fanned out across rural villages in search of the deaf who were not already connected the ministry. One team member reflected, “I feel like a disciple in the book of Acts” as they debriefed walking miles through rural villages seeking to bring a message of hope to those who had not yet come to know Jesus’ love for them. In total, the team was able to be a part of finding 17 new “beloveds” (as Signs of Love staff refer to them) and connecting them to a ministry that begins by teaching them their own name, and works to share stories from Scripture in a way that they understand. It was an incredibly moving experience to watch the faces of the deaf as they realized they were not alone in the world, and began to learn of a God who absolutely loves and wants to know them. Vista is proud to partner with ministries like Signs of Love who boldly seek to love and share the Gospel with people who are often forgotten about.


In the book of Ezekiel, God promises the nation of Israel that even though they have forgotten the poor and needy among them that He will restore those they have ignored. God proclaims, “I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak” (Ezekiel 34:16). I believe that God will have His way regardless of how we choose to respond. However, as followers of Jesus we believe that God has called and equipped us to participate in searching for the lost and binding up the injured in our own community and around the world. These teams had the ability to join in this ministry in Honduras, but the opportunities to love and care for those in need abound. For some, living this out will mean committing to participate in a global ministry, for others it might be loving their own neighbors. Our question to you: “How will you seek to search for the lost and bind up the injured in your life?”

If you want to learn more about Vista’s local and global missions partners and how you might be involved in loving and serving others check out: thevista.tv/missions