The Way: Recap

It was a great weekend at The Way! Overall, 13 churches in the Central Texas area were represented by approximately 700 students as well as college and adult leaders! Sessions were held in the chapel on the UMHB campus. Vista sent 102 students, had 9 host homes, and utilized 22 college leaders. David Marvin was our speaker and spoke on what it means to be a follower of Chris, and Aric Harding led worship.

God moved through this event and in the hearts of students. It was an awesome weekend of fun, worship, and spiritual discussion. Even in a home with seventeen 6th grade boys, intentional conversation was had and God stirred hearts. God bless our host homes and college leaders! They had a great time as well and the weekend wouldn’t be possible without every single one of them. Here’s a recap of each day and session:

Hurt and Manley, a skit comedy duo, emceed each session and incorporated a few of their skits within the sessions. They brought laughs and also energy that led into worship and set the tone for each session.

David, our speaker, talked about truth faith. His three points were that trust faith is: refined by trials; defined by love, trust, and joy; and focused on Christ’s work on the cross.

Following the session, students headed back to their host homes for small group discussion and then to hang out, consume a lot of food, and hopefully get some sleep.

Band Leading Worship on Friday Night

Band Leading Worship on Friday Night

On Saturday morning, David spoke on purpose. He used three points to break down our purpose as Christians: growing up in Christ, building up together on Christ, and spreading the message of Christ.

Following the session, we had lunch (sandwich boxes) and then broke for free time. The rain held off for the most part, and we ended up having awesome weather. Some students went back to their host homes to relax and play games. Some came to the church to play 9-square and have a music jam session. 9-square is similar to 4-square but with 9 squares in the air. It offers hours of great entertainment and builds community – win, win!!

For dinner, we enjoyed having a food truck called Over the Plate. We had a choice between brisket tacos and a brisket with mac and cheese sandwich. Why separate the brisket and mac and cheese, when you can mash them together in a sandwich?! Healthy? Not in the least. Delicious? You better believe it!

On Saturday night, David closed the final session focusing on our need for rest. His three points were: stop maxing out your life, start intentionally slowing down your life, and stop trying to work for God’s approval.

Saturday Morning Worship Session at UMHB Chapel

Saturday Morning Worship Session at UMHB Chapel

We wrapped up the weekend with Shipley’s donuts (because they’re the best, and we figured the students needed some sugar to stay awake during service) and worshiping together at the 8:30 service. It was an incredible weekend.

Thank you for allowing your student to attend! Thank you to the host homes for opening up your home and showing our students hospitality and love! Thank you to the college leaders for giving up their weekend to invest in our students! Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make The Way a great weekend!