November Next Phase Update

You may have noticed that a lot of progress has happened in the last few weeks as we expand into our Next Phase! The constant rain showers through early october made things a bit challenging at times, but we were ultimately able to get the core items completed:

  • Got the dirt up to grade for the foundation

  • Drilled nearly 60 piers (approx 10-15’ deep each) to support our foundation for the long term

  • Squeezed in 2 different slab pours between rainstorms utilizing over 50+ trucks of concrete!

  • Received 20+ semi truck deliveries of our the metal that makes up our building

  • Watch a small crew begin to erect the massive columns and roof structures

  • And made a few exciting modifications to the plans that we will tell you about in our next update

This stage of the construction is exciting for a few different reasons. First of all, it’s fulfilling to see something we have been praying about for so long actually begin to take form. Second, this phase of the project gets us past some of the unknown areas that could have had significant cost impact (unforeseen soil conditions, rising steel costs, etc). We are also only a month or so away from having a completely “dried in” building–meaning weather will no longer play a factor in our schedule!

Another interesting project that we took on last month was in our long “values hallway”. You have have noticed a giant sand pit, torn out concrete, and slight tons of dust. This project allowed us to make the plumbing connection that will service the entire Vista Kids expansion! It was also a good reminder that Next Phase will bring several opportunities for creativity over the next few months while we expand.

Several people have started asking how we will transition from our current building into the expansion (aka “how will you tear down that wall?). While we are too far out to commit to anything with absolute certainty... there are a few big ideas about what we expect. We will still have Easter at the Expo on April 21, but we will then be  displaced out of the auditorium for a few weeks while the wall comes down and everything else goes up. We have a few different gameplans that we are working through, but the main concept will be some type of temporary setup (on site or offsite) for about 4 weeks. We’ll unpack a few other exciting ideas as we get a bit closer!

On Sunday we had to sit nearly 150 people in the commons overflow during the 10 am service. While this can be a stressful situation to work through for our host team, it was such a relief to know that God has provided a plan to make room for these people as we looked through the windows and saw our next phase coming to life. So soon will we have more space to love more people!