Setting Up PCO Check In


  • COMPUTER SETUP (*needs updating for PC’s)

    • wireless - thevista

    • share on network? YES

    • setup Windows Hello (Face recognition)? YES

    • PIN? YES -> 7051

    • Link Phone and PC? NO

    • Save files and photos? NO “Only save to this PC”

    • Privacy 

      • Speech: No

      • Find Device: Yes

      • Inking & Typing: No

      • Ad ID: NO

      • Location: NO

      • Diagnostic: NO

      • Tailored Experiences: NO

    • Microsoft Account: pw: (ask Jon for details

  • Download & Install PCO Check In App for Windows

    • Turn off Windows S Mode when prompted

  • Download & Install Drivers for Zebra GX420d Printer

    • Rename Printer to include the word “Zebra”

    • Go to Printer Properties->Printer Defaults->Set to CUTTER

      • Send Test Print to lock in settings to the printer

  • Download & Install QZ Tray for Zebra Printers
    (it may require you to also download and install Java. They will provide the link)

    • QZ Tray will prompt you to “Trust PCO” when you open the Check In App. Check the box for “remember my decision” and click Yes

    • Click the QZ Tray icon and set to “Start Automatically”