Better Together - Week 1 Devote Daily

1. Devote Daily

  • Read John 15:4-5. What stands out to you? 

  • Why do you think many people feel there’s a right and wrong pray? Explain.

  • Do you struggle to slow down and connect with God daily? If so, what disciplines can you put in place to help?

  • Tucker said, “Devoting daily isn’t just something you do in the morning, but an all day, on-going process.” Do you agree? Explain.

  • What’s been the best way that you’ve connected with God through prayer in the past? If you’re new to prayer, which method from the video sounds like it would work? (Journaling, praying through scripture, etc.)

  • What does it mean to you that Christ lives in you?

  • What’s the biggest challenge for you to devote daily? How can the group help you?