Better Together - Week 6 Engage Missionally

6. Engage Missionally

  • Read Matthew 28:18-20. What stands out to you? What correlation do you say with this passage and engaging missionally?

  • How does serving express the heart of the Gospel?

  • Tell the group about a time you served. What impact did it have on you and those you served?

  • Where have you served in the past? Where would you want to serve in the future?

  • Is there someone in the group that can be a missions coordinator?

  • How will you prioritize serving our community?

Better Together - Week 5 Encourage Faithfully

5. Encourage Faithfully

  • The type of encouragement we are talking about is specific, not vague. For example, “I’m praying for your doctors appointment this week”, instead, “God is good.” Why is that distinction important?

  • Do you agree with Nick that to specifically encourage someone in a meaningful way, we have to live out at other core values, such as “pursue” and “live authentically”? Explain.

  • Why is it important to encourage and build each other up?

  • Tell the group about a time someone encouraged you or you encouraged someone and the impact it made.

  • Is it easy for you to encourage people? Explain.

  • How can your group learn how to encourage each other faithfully?

Better Together - Week 4 Counsel Biblically

4. Counsel Biblically

  • Austin said, “Counseling biblically isn’t having a bible verse for every scenario, but allowing scripture to turn us into to people who know how to follow Jesus.” What does that mean to you?

  • Read 2 Tim 3:16. Why is it so important to rely on scripture to direct our lives? What are we relying on if not scripture?

  • Do you ever keep from sharing because you don’t have all the answers? Explain.

  • How can you become more biblically grounded? 

  • Austin mentioned how reading scripture together is better than only reading by yourself? Agree?

  • How can the group interpret scripture together and counsel each other biblically?

Better Together - Week 3 Live Authentically

3. Live Authentically

  • Tucker said, “You have to pursue relationally to be able to live authentically.” Do you agree?

  • Read James 5:16. What stands out to you?

  • Why do you think God chooses to work through people to bring healing instead of letting you work it out on your own?

  • Would it be terrifying or freeing to have your sins exposed on the 5 O’clock news?

  • Do you spend energy maintaining an image? If so, what would it look like to live authentically?

  • People won’t share if they think they’ll be judged. So how can you create a safe place for people to share openly?

  • What habits can you put in place to make sure you are consistently living authentically (vulnerable)?

Better Together - Week 2 Pursue Relationally

2. Pursue Relationally

  • Nick said we’ve never been more connected but also never more lonely? Agree? 

  • There’s a Swedish proverb that says, “Friendships double our joys and half our sorrows”. Do you have a friend like this?

  • Read Romans 12:10. What does being “devoted to one another” mean to you? Why is that so important? 

  • When Maegan was going through a hard time, she said “I saw God through all of the people in our group.” Have you seen this? What impact did it have?

  • If you’re an existing group, what’s one thing you’ve done well to build relationships?” How can you continue this?

  • What will your group do to build strong relationships outside of group? What do you have in common? What can you do together? Make a plan. 

Better Together - Week 1 Devote Daily

1. Devote Daily

  • Read John 15:4-5. What stands out to you? 

  • Why do you think many people feel there’s a right and wrong pray? Explain.

  • Do you struggle to slow down and connect with God daily? If so, what disciplines can you put in place to help?

  • Tucker said, “Devoting daily isn’t just something you do in the morning, but an all day, on-going process.” Do you agree? Explain.

  • What’s been the best way that you’ve connected with God through prayer in the past? If you’re new to prayer, which method from the video sounds like it would work? (Journaling, praying through scripture, etc.)

  • What does it mean to you that Christ lives in you?

  • What’s the biggest challenge for you to devote daily? How can the group help you?