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Volunteers are at the center of everything we do at Vista! Some people think they need to wait until they have their “stuff” together – or until life slows down – before they start serving…but we believe that’s not how God works. Serving on a team is the simplest way to find purpose and community in a growing church!

We have 10 different teams who make Sunday services happen, and we have several teams serving throughout the week to keep our ministries moving forward. We want to help you find the BEST place to plug in! And don’t worry – you aren’t committed to one team forever!

CHECK OUT the teams by using the LEFT NAVIGATION MENU and sign up for one that interests you! If you have any questions, email

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Interested in being in Vista Kids?


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Looking to serve on Host Team?


How has God wired you?

Take the Myers-Brigg Test.

Knowing whether you are more of a thinker or a feeler…. extroverted or introverted…etc can be a big part in uncovering what God has wired you for! We highly encourage you to do 2 things.

  1. Take the Myers Briggs personality test (10 minutes).

  2. Let us know your results.