Production & Media Team



We serve diligently behind the scenes to support our worship teams and pastors who serve on stage in any capacity of song, message, or video. By using our God-given gifts intentionally and with excellence, guests are able to hear the Gospel clearly and in a unique way.

Creating the environment. We have the honor of enhancing the Spirit-filled environment of worship in our Church through sound, lighting, and general atmosphere. We are charged to protect this environment, keeping it distraction-free, while maintaining a spirit of excellence and authenticity.

Collaborate. We collaborate with the pastor, band, and ministry leaders to augment their message and amplify the gospel of Jesus Christ

Develop. We develop our faith, our people,  and our skills for the purpose spreading the Gospel


Current Openings


As a ProPresenter Operator, you will lead worship by presenting lyrics and graphics to those in the auditorium. You will be responsible for “firing” videos, graphics, and lyrics.

Camera Operator

This position Operates a stationary camera that is located in the Auditorium. In this position, you will lead worship through the lens of your camera. At Vista we use video to help get the message spoken on Sunday out of the room and into the hands of those who could not join us. This includes our livestream, overflow rooms, commons areas, and kids classrooms.

Lighting Operator

As the Lighting Operator, you are responsible for executing the pre-programmed lighting cues as well as adding or tweaking additional effects. The ability to “feel” and anticipate the dynamics within the worship set and knowing the flow of the service are important.