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BASIC TRUTH:  God Loves Me
How do we know God loves us?
God gave us Jesus.


When you go into your baby's room this month say, "Good morning, sweet [child's name]!" as you rub their little belly. Look them in the eye and say, "God gave you Jesus because God loves YOU!" Touch their nose when you say, "YOU."


Look into your baby's eyes as you feed him/her and talk about traditions you want to begin for your family like, "I am so excited about celebrating Christmas with you! We can start our own family traditions like singing songs, reading the Christmas story, looking at pretty lights, and making a birthday cake for Jesus!"


Cuddle up with your baby this month and pray, "Dear God, thank You for giving me [child's name]. Please help me teach him/her the true meaning of Christmas. I want him/her to grow up knowing that Jesus is the best gift and you gave Him to us to be our friend forever. Thank You for loving us so much, God. I love You. In Jesus' name, amen."


Sing to the tune of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush" as you bathe your baby: "God has given a Son to us, Son to us, Son to us. God has given a Son to us. Happy Birthday, Jesus!" Repeat.

From Parent Cue:


This is an excerpt from the book: Zero to One by Kristen Ivy and Reggie Joiner


What you do every week matters.

And what you do every week matters more when it happens over time.

But there are some moments that only come around seasonally, annually, or once in a lifetime. And the way you celebrate those moments have a different kind of impact. 

Over the next eighteen years with your child, some moments will . . .

create a shared experience.
mark a significant milestone.
begin an annual tradition.  

Christmas may be one of the best holidays to create some family traditions. Whether your traditions remain constant or change with the phases, go ahead and try a few this year and make your baby’s first Christmas one to remember. 

Four Gift Ideas: If you are wary of too many gifts for one little baby, or you don’t want your home filled with loud noise makers and bright plastic obstacles to trip over, ask doting friends and relatives to choose gifts that fit in one of four categories: something they want, something they need, something they wear, something they read.

One Gift Tradition: Start a tradition of new Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve, a special Christmas ornament to put on the tree, or a Christmas book to read before bed. 

Nativity Story-Time: If you have a nativity in your home, show your baby the different pieces as you set up the scene. Talk about the characters and tell the story as you put the pieces in place. 

A Christmas Keepsake: Commemorate “baby’s first Christmas” by making (or purchasing) something special this year that you will bring out every Christmas. Make a handprint. Get a special ornament. Take a picture. Create a memory book. Do whatever fits your style.

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