Fitzgerald Family


Buddy & Loren both surrendered to the Lord’s work as teenagers, and believed that God would use them in a primitive or pioneer missions setting. They met at Bob Jones University, and were married shortly after graduation.  They quickly joined Baptist World Mission, and God kindly brought their support in within just one year! They moved to Peru in August, 2007, and were able to jump right into ministry since they already spoke Spanish. They lived in the mountains of Cusco for about 18 months where they served as furlough replacements, helped in a Bible college, and formed vital relationships.

In January, 2009 they moved to the jungle of Puerto Maldonado with their 3 month old son, and began ministry there, soon planting a church, and traveling out into the surrounding villages. They began hosting many teams, interns, and medical groups, and have been influential in planting a church, seeing several gospel-teaching outposts started, and seeing folks called into missions. They are planning to move out into the tribal areas full time as soon as possible. They have three kids: Joseph, Isaiah, and Abigail.

Nagao Family


"Hola, we are the Nagao's and have served the Lord in Puerto Maldonado, Peru within the Amazon Jungle for the past 3.5 years. Our mission is to make disciples that make disciples for Jesus. We are involved in helping four local church plants. We host Bible studies in our home with people from indigenous communities, city locals, and a growing deaf ministry. We also help manage a Christian Library and after-school program. Faithful disciples have plugged into our various ministries and are producing fruit. We thank our Lord for the prayers and support from our Texas family at Vista!" 

Blackburn Family


The Blackburns live In Puerto Maldonado, Peru where they serve as the leaders of a ministry called Alegre Sonido de Dios. This ministry is a home for children of all ages who have suffered at the hands of their abusers. Since arriving in Peru, Scott and Tracy have cared for over 27 children who have come from varying backgrounds including sexual abuse, violent abuse, abandonment, and orphans.

Scott and Tracy are dedicated to serving children who have experienced pain from their past. They provide a caring, loving home where the children can heal, so they may interact and maintain a close relationship with their new family, assuring a smooth re-integration into society.

The Blackburns lead their ministry in honor and remembrance of their beloved daughter, Tatiana, who was tragically killed in a car accident in August of 2018.

Rachel Lewis


Rachel passionately serves with Signs of Love. Signs of Love brings language and the truth of God’s love to deaf individuals in Honduras and Peru. Rachel was moved by this ministry when she first served with them in 2011, alongside Vista, and experienced a deaf camp. Rachel now serves full-time in Peru, with her ministry specifically rooted in art therapy. Her vision is to see art therapy bring greater emotional health and self-understanding to the people she serves. She believes art is an invaluable tool for low language individuals because language isn’t needed to express oneself through art and to experience its healing power.