The Lordship of Christ

Advent | Week 2 - Christ coming into our hearts

At Christmas, we celebrate an Advent (coming) that has already happened. As believers, we also look forward to a day when Christ will come again in the future. But there's another Advent that's happening right now, and that's the advent of Christ into our hearts/lives. Ultimately, from the moment we take our first breath to the moment we take our last, Christ is after our hearts. And when He comes into our hearts he wants to completely change us in some really beautiful ways if we'll let Him.

Small Group Discussion Questions

Advent (Part II) - Christ coming into our hearts

Text:  I Peter 2:4-5, Revelation 3:20

1.  As we’ve said over and over… "more than anything else, God is after our hearts.”  Do you remember what it was like when you first opened your heart to Christ?  Can you describe how that felt and what difference it has made?

2.  What are the marks of someone who’s heart fully belongs to the Lord?  How do you know if your heart really belongs to Him?

3.  Going off of the metaphor, “my heart is a home,” or “my life is a house.” - Some people seem to just want a “living room Jesus.”  What does that mean?  What’s the problem with that?  Is that enough?  

4.  When Jesus comes into our hearts/lives he begins the often painful work of changing us.  Can you think of an example of Jesus bringing about some significant (maybe even painful) change in a specific area of your life?  How did it happen?  How did it go?  What has been the result?

5.  Do you think Jesus can be Savior without being Lord?

6.  Going along with our action step this week… what area(s) of your life do you find most difficult to surrender (hand over) to Jesus?  What closets in the house that is your life do you really not want Jesus medaling in? How can you begin to give Him control in those areas?