Vista GO | World

Scripture shows that the Gospel is intended to be shared around the entire world. Being a witness to what Jesus has done in the world will mean that we are close to suffering.

Pray, Give, Go

Small Group Questions

  1. The word witness comes from the word “martyr”. What does that mean to you?

  2. What does it mean to suffer for the gospel in your context?

  3. Witness means to evangelize, and that can leave a bad taste. Why do you think that is? How do we still faithfully give witness to Jesus?

  4. Culture crossing is hard. Do you have a unique experience with that? Why is it important to cross cultures to reach people?

  5. What role will your Small Group play in global missions? Pray. Give. Go.

Take a moment to pray for our global partners.

Vista GO | City

Acts 1:8 is a mandate for missions and it seems clear that the plan, according to Jesus, is that missions should start with those closest to us. For our church that means our city. We want to love our city and be a church that makes an impact. As you look at the churches that were started in the New Testament, it's hard not to see the difference that they made in the cities they were in. We'll specifically look at how this played out in the cities of Philippi and Ephesus and then we'll look at some tangible ways we can make an impact in our city.

Continue to fill out your Neighbor challenge card from last week. If you didn't get one, there will be some available on your way out.

Small Group Questions

1. What does it mean for you to cause a “beautiful disruption” in your city?

2. Why should the church serve our city? How have you seen a church impact their city in the past?

3. What role do you see your Small Group playing in impacting our city?

4. Is anyone in the group interested in serving as a missions coordinator? This person would meet with our Missions Pastor, Jonah quarterly to discuss ways for your Small Group to serve.

Vista GO | Neighbor

Jesus gave us a simple, revolutionary plan to change the world: love your neighbor. When we love our neighbor, we love God, and we cannot love God without loving our neighbor.

  1. Do you know your neighbors? Like do you really know them? If yes, talk about what meeting and building a relationship with your neighbors was like. If no, what obstacles do you see preventing you from building a relationship with your neighbors?

  2. What do you think about the statement, “God hasn’t called us to love the whole world, but to faithfully love the people in front of us”? What would living that out look like in your life?

  3. Do you find that it is easier to “love everyone from a distance” than love the people in close proximity to you? Why might this be so?

  4. What do you see as potential opportunities for you to engage your neighbors this year?

  5. Do you feel comfortable sharing your faith with other people (such as your neighbors)? How can our group help each other to grow in our ability to share our faith with others?