Better Together

Following Jesus isn’t about access to secret knowledge, rigid rule keeping or white-knuckling your way through spiritual disciplines;  it’s about a deep communion with Christ and His people

This Week's Action Step: 

Have a good meal and good conversation with someone.

Small Group

Small Group Questions:

Big ideas

We are a lonely generation. We tend to keep to ourselves instead of allowing our faith community to push us into deeper levels of faith. 

Paul states the way we can grow deepest is to be joined together in love-immersed in the community. 

When we do we will build a good life, because the good life is built on good relationships.


  •We live in a world that is more connected than ever, but also more lonely/isolated. 

Why do you think that is? 

Do you feel more lonely now or more connected?

•At its core, the Gospel is about relationships. Paul’s encouragement for us to grow in our faith is to have our “hearts joined together in love”- to be deeply connected to community.  

What does this mean to you? 

Do you see community as a primary way to grow in your faith?

•Many American Christians place a high value on individualism/independence rather than being a community. 

Why do you think that is? 

What can we do to combat that?

•Read Ecclesiates 4:9-10— 

Talk about a time you’ve been able to share a great moment with someone. 

Talk about a time you’ve helped/been helped by someone.


How can you as a group practice being more devoted to each other?— don’t theorize or be ambiguous, be specific, make a plan.

Songs from Today

The Lion And The Lamb - by Brenton Brown, Brian Johnson, and Leeland Mooring

Death Arrested - by Adam Kersh, Brandon Coker, Heath Balltzglier, and Paul Taylor

Reckless Love - by Caleb Culver, Cory Asbury, and Ran Jackson

Hosanna - by Brooke Fraser

God With Us - by Jason Ingram and Leslie Jordan

Politics of Jesus| Preemptive Love

Jesus tells us to take a posture of anticipatory empathy instead of retaliatory violence. Jesus ends his Sermon on the Mount by telling us to take what he's say and do it.

This Week's Action Step: 

What’s something Jesus said to do that you’re not doing?

Do it.

Small Group

Small Group Questions:

Big Ideas

  • Jesus teaches the Golden Rule, meaning he teaches us to take a posture of anticipatory empathy instead of retaliatory violence.
  • What the world really needs Christians to do is take what Jesus said and do it.


  • We mentioned that Jesus didn’t make up the Golden Rule; it’s found in various ancient religions.
    • Does it bother you that Jesus uses ideas that are not original to him? Ideas that are found in other religions before Jesus said them?
  • I said that if we believe all humans are created in the image of God, and that God has always tried to make his truth known to all people, we should expect other religions to have some truth, and should celebrate it instead of feeling threatened by it.
    • Do you agree or disagree?
  • In teaching the Golden Rule, Jesus replaces a posture of retaliatory violence with a posture of anticipatory empathy.
    • Do you think that you tend to walk the world conditioned to retaliating defensively, or that you walk the world conditioned to anticipate with empathy?
    • What are some ways you like to be treated, and what are some ways you can treat SPECIFIC people in your life that way?
  • Jesus said the Golden Rule was the summation of all of Scripture.
    • How does it change the way you relate to the Bible to know that the goal of all Scripture is to turn you into somebody who treats others the way you would want others to treat you?
  • I said our biggest problem is not that we need more information; our biggest problem is that we don’t do what Jesus said.
    • Why do we think more information will solve our problems?
    • What is something that you know Jesus has told you to do that you’re not doing? Be specific.
    • Why aren’t you doing it? How can you do it?

Songs from Today

Spirit Move by Amanda Cook and Kalley Heiligenthal

Faithful To The End by Brian Johnson, Hannah McClure, Joel Taylor, and Paul McClure

Never Stop by Chris Franz and Mariah McManus

O Praise The Name (Anástasis) by Benjamin Hastings, Dean Ussher, and Marty Sampson

Yes And Amen by Anthony Brown, Chris McClarney, and Nate Moore