Worship 2018

Worship| Week 1

In John 4 Jesus is having a conversation with a Samaritan woman and as they talk, the conversation turns to worship. These few verses are the most explicit teaching that we have from Jesus on what true worship is to be. Jesus tells her that true worshippers will worship in "spirit and in truth." But what does that mean and how do we do that?

Small Group Discussion Questions
Topic:  Worship
Text: John 4:19-24, Psalm 103:1, John 17:17

1.  When you first hear the word “Worship” what do you typically think of?  Why?

2.  Why is it important to consistently worship corporately (or together) with the church?  Can’t we just worship on our own?  

3.  If worship is primarily about what we give rather than what we get, then how does that effect/change the way we prepare ourselves for worship?  What are some things we can do to prepare ourselves for worship?

4.  As discussed in the sermon… the Samaritans tended to worship in spirit, but lacked knowledge of the truth.  The Jews, on the other hand, knew the truth, but lacked any spirit in their worship.  Do you think people today tend to lean one way or the other in their worship?  What about you?  Personally, do you tend to lean more to the spirit of the truth side in worship?  What can you/we do to maintain the proper balance that God is looking for in our worship?

5.  The action step this week is to read Psalm 100 each day (either individually or as a family).  Would anyone want to share about how that’s going?  Any stories of reading it together as a family?  Do you feel like it helps focus your heart each day on worship?