Journey to Easter 2017

Journey To Easter | Part 2

Journey To Easter |  Part 2

It's the day before Jesus will go to the cross. The Disciples are gathered in a room together for a meal, but they are troubled and worried about what's to come. Jesus comforts his disciples by reminding them of some very important truths. These same truths can bring us a lot of comfort and peace in areas where we're troubled or anxious.

Journey To Easter | Part 1

Journey To Easter |  Part 1

The day before Jesus' death on the cross, we find him in the upper room with his disciples and the first thing that he does with them, as they're all gathered together for the final time, is wash their feet. That may seem a bit strange, but it was a very important and deeply meaningful example and lesson for his followers. One of the great evidences of your love for the Lord will be your service to others. Jesus demonstrates this with great humility and encourages his followers to do the same.