Long Live the Revolution - Part 9 - Beyond Control

Luke takes his time describing Paul's epic journey to Rome. Paul is a prisoner of Rome and at the mercy of the sea. His life is not in control, but he still proclaims the message of the kingdom "unhindered". How can this be? Maybe the way to live the full life is to not have control of circumstances and outcomes, but to move beyond control into something greater. The Discipleship Pathway is designed to form a person who is responsive to the Spirit.

Series: Long Live the Revolution (Part 9)


Acts 27: 9-11, 18, 26, 39-44; Acts 28: 11a, 14b, 30-31


1. What stood out to you?

2. What was most challenging or raised questions for you?

3. Luke mentions Paul was ‘unhindered” but we know he was a prisoner. Talk about the tension of being “unhindered” and not being in control.

4.. Jesus took control through surrender. Do you struggle with control? How has it effected you?

5. Have you seen the fruit of moving “beyond control” into surrender? Have you seen the fruit of moving “beyond control” in regards to the DP.

6. Action Step: What action on the Discipleship Pathway are you struggling to move beyond control? Start that this week!