Long Live the Revolution - Part 7 - Holy & Happy

Jesus has called us to be holy and happy, and sometimes it feels like we have to choose between being holy and being happy. As he says goodbye to some friends in Ephesus, Paul models what a holy and happy person looks like.

Small Group Discussion Questions
• What was most interesting or encouraging to you?
• What was most challenging to you?
• When you hear Paul say something to the effect of, “I don’t care about anything but Jesus”, does it bother you at all? Is it wrong that we care about things besides Jesus—that we care about family, and friends, and jobs, and sports, etc?
• How do you negotiate the tension between holiness and happiness?
• Can you give any examples from your life in which you thought you had to choose between holiness and happiness, but God gradually transformed your desires so that holiness made you happy?
• Action Step: ask God to make you holy and happy, so share with the group a particular area in which you feel you’re being forced to choose between the two.