Long Live the Revolution - Part 5

As the gospel goes to the Gentiles a question is raised by the Jewish believers regarding what is necessary for salvation. Is faith in Jesus enough, or is it necessary to obey the Jewish laws and customs also? In Acts 15 they hold the first church council meeting to decide this issue. Essentially, it's a question many still ask today. What is necessary for Salvation? Is it just Jesus, or Jesus plus something else? How do we maintain unity in the church when the church is made up of different groups of people with differing views?

Series: Long Live the Revolution (Part 5)


Acts 15:1-12

Eph. 2:8-9

Acts 15:28-29

Big Ideas:

* Grace in Christ alone is what saves you. It’s not Jesus plus anything…. It’s just Jesus.

* The grace killers (the pharisees) need grace too.

* Unity is really important in a church family. We should be willing to sacrifice in order to attain it.

* Unity doesn’t mean uniformity. We don’t ignore or avoid our differences, we love each other in spite of them.

* As recipients of the grace of Jesus, we should seek to be grace givers rather than grace killers.


1. What was most interesting or encouraging to you about the sermon this week?

2. What was most challenging to you about the sermon this week?

3. As recipients of the grace of Jesus, we should look to show grace to others. What are some specific ways that we can do that?

4. Unity is really important in the church. How can we maintain unity in the midst of diversity?

5. In order for the church to have unity, often a certain degree of compromise is required. Of course we can’t/shouldn’t compromise in all things. So with that in mind, what is one position that maybe you used to strongly hold to, but not so much anymore? In other words… Is there something that used to be a closed handed issue for you, but now is more open handed in your mind? How do you decide what issues belong in what hand?

6. The grace of Jesus alone is what saves us. Why do we seem so prone to always try and add something to the gospel? Why do we have such a hard time believing that Jesus is enough?