She Speaks - Part 6 - Leah - Guest Speaker Sarah Hammond

Leah is unloved and rejected most of her life. We'll see Leah set aside her affliction and agony to offer God a sacrifice of praise. We'll also see God use this seemingly secondary character in the Bible to begin ushering in the ultimate Salvation of the world. He always has the final say.

Action Step:

Take an honest look at some of those really difficult parts of your story. How did you respond? Read Psalm 116. Ask God to help you offer a sacrifice of praise.

Sunday Recap 

Series:  She Speaks… Leah

1. Through who's perspective have you typically read this story?

2. What was God's response to Leah's situation of being "hated"? Why do you think He responded this way?

3. How do you think God feels when are struggling deeply?

4. "How we respond to the agony and chaos in our life will always reveal to us what we truly believe about God." Has any part of your story caused you to question/doubt something you once believed about God? How did you handle that? How can we know the truth about who God is?

5. What does it mean to offer God a "sacrifice of praise"?