She Speaks - Part 2

Mary is probably the most famous woman in all of scripture. Her life stands as a great example to us of grace and humility. As a young unwed teenage woman, she had a lot of reasons to fear and worry after the angel came to her and announced that she would be the mother of the Lord Jesus. But Mary chose to surrender to the will of God and to remember his past faithfulness rather than worry.

Series: She Speaks… Mary (the mother of Jesus)


Luke 1:26-38

Luke 1:46-55

Prov. 3:34

Isaiah 66:2

James 4:10

Big Ideas:

* Mary was not a perpetual virgin… she did not remain a virgin her whole life.

* Mary was not sinless… Jesus was her savior as well.

* Mary was not/Is not a dispenser of grace… she does not save anyone.

* Mary is not a mediator between God and man (I Tim. 2:5)

* Mary is not Devine… she’s not omnipresent or omniscient in any way.

* Mary was a remarkable young woman who surrendered her life to the will of God.

* Rather than being filled with anxiety and worry, Mary remembered the faithfulness of God in the past.

* Rather than becoming prideful and arrogant because she was chosen, she remained humble.


1. What was most interesting or encouraging to you about the sermon this week?

2. What was most challenging to you about the sermon this week?

3. Read Luke 1:38. Mary is a remarkable example of someone who surrendered her life to the will of God. What does it mean to surrender your life to the Lord, or to surrender to his will? Can you think of an example in your life where you’ve done that?

4. What do you tend to worry about most in your life? How can we combat worry and anxiety in our lives?

5. Rather than becoming prideful because God chose her, Mary remained humble. Read Prov. 3:34, Isaiah 66:2, and James 4:10. It’s seams clear that God loves humility in his people. With that in mind, what are some keys to remaining humble as a follower of Jesus?

6. Mary’s Magnificat is a song of remembering God’s past faithfulness. The action step this week was to take some time and write down some specific ways that God has shown His faithfulness to you in the past. End your time together with your group by allowing everyone who’s willing to mention one way God has proven himself faithful in their life. (It can be something simple like… He has always protected me, or provided for me, or blessed me in some way… or it could be a more specific story of how God has done something for you).