She Speaks - Part 1


Luke 2:36-38

Big Ideas:

* Although we don’t have much info from scripture on Anna, we can learn a lot form the info we do have.  In just 3 short verses we can learn a great deal from this faithful elderly widow.  

* Anna was prophetess.  She was a woman who knew the word of God and faithfully proclaimed the word of God to others.

* Anna was a widow.  Her life wan’t easy.  She lost her husband after only 7 years of marriage and never remarried. As a widow, she most likely lived a difficult life in extreme poverty.  

* Anna did not depart from the Temple.  Despite her difficult circumstances she trusted God and served His people.

* Anna had a hunger for the Lord.  For more than 60 years she worshipped, fasted, and prayed regularly.  

* Anna was full of praise and thanksgiving after seeing Jesus.

* Anna spoke of Christ to others and became one of the first witnesses (evangelist) to who he was.  


1.  What was most interesting or encouraging to you about the sermon this week?

2.  What was most challenging to you about the sermon this week?

3.  Who is the most spiritually influential woman in your life?  How has she influenced you to be a more faithful follower of Jesus?

4.  Read Luke 2:36-38.  What stands out to you most about Anna’s life?  In what ways does she challenge you in your spiritual journey?

5.  Verse 38 says that Anna “spoke of Him (Christ) to all who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem.”  How can we “speak of Christ” more in our conversations with others?