This is Us - Part 4

As believers, we are recipients of God's generosity to us through His son Jesus. As such, we should be the most generous people in the world. In order to be generous we must understand that we are not owners of anything, but stewards. So the questions becomes, how do we steward well and invest in God's kingdom?

ACTION STEP: Read Matt. 6:21. Take a close look at your budget this week and make a commitment to regularly invest in God's kingdom.


Luke 12:13–21, Matthew 25:14–29

Big Ideas:

* Roughly 25% of Jesus’ teaching was about money, possessions, finances, etc...

* Giving is not really a money issue, it’s a heart issue (Matt. 6:21).

* When it comes to giving, it’s not what God wants from you, it’s what God wants for


* Everything Jesus says about money is built upon the foundation that we’re not owners

of anything, but stewards.

* We steward well through generosity rather than hoarding.

* We steward well through investment rather than protecting.


1. What was most interesting or encouraging to you about the sermon this week?

2. What was most challenging to you about the sermon this week?

3. If we can agree that we’re called to be generous, what are some obstacles to

generosity that we need to be aware of and avoid?

4. Read Luke 12:13–21. What does it mean to be rich toward God? What are some ways

we can do that?

5. Read Matthew 25:14–29. As the parable begins (v. 15) says that the master gave

talents “to each according to his ability.” What does this mean? What can we learn

from this? How can we increase our “ability” when it comes to stewarding money?

6. The action step this week was to take a look at your budget and make a commitment

to regularly invest in God’s kingdom. Have you had a chance to do this? How do you

regularly invest in God’s kingdom?