Easter 2019 - Easter Tide pt 2 - But We Were Hoping

Jesus joins two disappointed disciples on a long walk. Disappointment is the prerequisite to genuine discipleship, the death of all our false expectations of God.


  • Luke 24:13-27

Big Ideas

  • Let the church set your calendar

  • Disappointment with God is an essential part of walking with God, and can result in either denial, resentment, or acceptance.

  • Disappointment is the prerequisite for genuine discipleship because it is the death of all our false expectations of God.

Small Group Questions

  • What was most interesting or encouraging to you?

  • What was most challenging to you?

  • What are some of the expectations you have of God?

    • If I [blank], then I expect God to [blank].

  • Share a time God has really disappointed you? What did you learn from it?

  • Our action step was…

    • Tell God how he has disappointed you.

    • Ask God what those disappointments are trying to teach you.

    • Have you been able to do it? If not, how can the group help?