Easter 2019 - Easter Tide

There's no doubt that after denying Jesus, Peter felt like an absolute failure. Jesus needed to have a conversation with Peter in order to prepare him to lead the church. In that conversation Jesus reminds Peter of some very important things... things that we need to be reminded of as well.  
Just as it was for Peter, the resurrection of Jesus means that we too can have a fresh start. Failures and mistakes in our lives don't have to be the final word. Jesus redeems us and give us a new purpose.

Easter Tide (part I)

Text:  John 21:15-22; James 2:14-18 & 26

Big Ideas:  

1.  To love Jesus means to DO something (James 2:14-18 & 26).

2.  The sheep belong to Jesus

3.  Following Jesus will cost you

4.  Don’t waste time comparing yourself to others


1. What was most interesting or encouraging to you?

2. What was most challenging to you?

3. Has following Jesus ever cost you anything?  How so?

4. What are some of the problems with comparing our life, ministry, gifts, etc… with others?  Have you ever done this?

5. In what way(s) have you been able to “feed His sheep” this week?  If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, how can you “feed His sheep” this week?