King - The Story of David | Week 6

David wants to bring the Ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, uniting the people in the worship of God once again. His goal was good and he had all the good intentions, passion, and sincerity needed. However, his first attempt fails because he doesn't do it God's way. After this attempt fails, David considers not following through with the mission. But soon, he decides to try again. This time, he completes the task because he does it God's way. David leads the processional of the Ark back into Jerusalem with joy and dancing (making his wife mad in the process). In this chapter we see both fear and joy going hand in hand. A proper fear of the Lord leads to greater joy, not less.

Action Step:

Write down one thing that God has called/asked you to do but you didn't follow though on because of the wrong kind of fear. Make it a goal this week to go back and do it.

Small Group Discussion Questions

Series:  King… the story of David (Part 6)

Texts:  II Samuel 6:1-16 and Psalm 24

1.  Why was it so important for David to get the Ark of God (the Ark of the Covenant) back to Jerusalem?  Why was this holy piece of furniture so important to God and his people?

2.  II Samuel 6:7 says that God’s anger was kindled against Uzzah when he touched the Ark and God stuck him down and he died.  Doesn’t that seem harsh?  Why would God do that?  What possible lesson was He trying to teach David and the people through the death of Uzzah?

3.  David’s goal was a good one.  He was sincere in his desire to honor God by bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem.  He had passion and zeal, but he wasn’t obedient in the small things (the details).  What lessons or conclusions can we draw from this as it relates to our lives today?

4.  Have you ever had passion/zeal and good intentions to do something for the Lord but maybe the way you went about it was wrong?  

5.  David’s first attempt at bringing the Ark back to Jerusalem was clearly a failure and apparently David almost gave up on the mission altogether (v.10).  Have you ever been tempted to give up on something God told you to do because of failure (or a fear of failure)?  What gave you the strength and courage to press on?

6.  David learned from his initial failure and the second time he moved the Ark he did it the right way (God’s way).  When failures happen in life (and they will happen) how can we learn from them?  What lessons have you learned from failures in your life?

7.  Healthy fear leads to greater joy.  In both II Samuel 6 and Psalm 24 we see this process of fear leading to joy… specifically, the fear of the Lord leading to joy in worship.  How might a healthy kind of fear in life lead to greater joy in other areas?  How do we distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fear?  What’s the difference?