King - The Story of David | Week 4

After David defeats Goliath he becomes really popular. The popularity of David begins to make King Saul angry and soon he seeks to kill David. While running for his life from Saul, David slowly has everything in his life taken from him. In I Sam. 21-22 we see David as a broken man. But God is doing something in the brokenness. He is creating in David a dependency on God that is necessary for Godly leadership. Also, David has a chance to kill Saul, but chooses to spare his life and wait for God to deal with Saul. In so doing, David teaches us two very important lessons in regards to walking with God... Brokenness and patience.

Action Step: Read Romans 12:17-21 each day this week. Instead of looking to get even, look for an opportunity to show grace to someone who has wronged you this week.

Small Group Discussion Questions 

Series:  King… the story of David (part 4)

Texts:  I Samuel 18:6-16; I Samuel 21:10-22:1; Psalm 142:1-6; I Samuel 24:1-7; I Samuel 26:8-11; Romans 12:17-21

1.  Have you had a season or moment in your life when you just felt bombarded on very side?  Like David, maybe you had some things (or people) in your life torn away from you.  Have you ever been through a season of brokenness where you just weren’t sure of God’s presence or plan?  

2.  In hindsight, what did God teach you through that season?  How did God grow you or shape you during that time of your life?

3.  Brokenness is often part of the pathway to spiritual growth and maturity.  Why do you think brokenness is often part of God’s plan to grow you and shape you?  

4.  Be honest… have you ever wanted to get revenge/vengeance on someone?  Why do you think that is such an impulse when we’ve been wounded or hurt by others?

5.  Read Romans 12:17-21.  What is the best example you’ve seen (or heard about) of someone overcoming evil with good?  How do we do that?  

6.  Have you ever treated an enemy with grace in a way they didn’t expect?  How did they respond?  Have you ever been treated with grace by someone you hurt in a way that you didn’t expect?  How did you respond?

7.  By killing Saul, David had an opportunity to accelerate God’s plan.  It would be like a shortcut for David to get to where God eventually wanted him (King over Israel).  Why not do that?  What might be the dangers in taking spiritual shortcuts to get to where God wants you?