King - The Story of David | Week 3 "Five Smooth Stones"

David and Goliath is one of the most famous stories in the history of the world, and it's a story that dares us to believe in a living God who is active in the world and on our side.

Small Group Discussion Questions  

  1. We talked about how the ancient world was an enchanted place, which means it was loaded with spiritual agency; spiritual forces were at work everywhere, all the time. People believed relics contained spiritual power, spirits lived in the woods, and demons constantly possessed people.

  2. Why is it hard for us to think of the world that way? Why is it hard for us to believe the world is filled with spirits and spiritual forces?

  3. In what ways is it good and in what ways is it bad that we don’t tend to think of the world as an “enchanted” place where spiritual forces are constantly at work?

  4. Discuss: “Modern people believe in God, but we don’t really expect him to do anything. We believe in God, but we’d rather not have to depend upon God.”

  5. Why do we struggle believing God is on our side and fighting for us?

  6. How can that be a good thing and a bad thing?

  7. What would it look like to believe God was on your side in a healthy way? A way that didn’t assume you were more important than others? A way that didn’t assume that meant God will give you an easy, rich life?

  8. How do modern people like us recover the innocence of our belief, the ability to really believe that God is active in the world and on our side?

  9. What’s a situation in your life where you need help believing God is active and on your side?