King - The Story of David | Week 1

Israel's first King (Saul) certainly looked the part. He was wealthy, good looking, and tall. However, he disobeyed God and turned out to be a terrible King. In contrast, David was just a ruddy shepherd boy, but he was the one chosen by God to be the next King. As we're introduced to David in I Sam. 16 we learn that our identity doesn't come from others, but from God. David also shows us that hard work and humility go a long way.

Small Group Discussion Questions  

Series:  King… the story of David (part II)

Text:  I Sam. 9:1-2, I Sam. 13:13-14, I Sam. 16:1-13, I Sam. 16:17-19

1.  Read I Sam. 9:1-2.  Why do you think there is such an emphasis on Saul’s physical appearance in the text?  Have you ever prejudged someone, or formed opinions about someone based on their appearance?  Have you ever had someone prejudge you based on your appearance?  

2.  Read I Sam. 16:7.  What does the writer mean when he says, “the Lord looks on the heart?”  What does it mean to “look at the heart” of someone?  

3.  What are some of the problems/dangers of letting other people define who you are?  What does it mean to find your identity in Christ?  How do you do that?

4.  David worked hard and remained humble as a shepherd even after he was chosen by God to be King and anointed by Samuel.  What lessons can/should we learn from David’s example?

5.  Read Ephesians 1:3-14.  Take some time to name and discuss all the spiritual blessings Paul mentions that are ours “IN CHRIST.”

6.  The last spiritual blessing that Paul mentions in this part of his letter to the Ephesian church is that we are “sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.”  What does it mean to be sealed with the Holy Spirit as a believer?