Dear Church| Deliver Us From Safe

What can we learn from a church that is nothing like us? A church that was small, poor, powerless, and persecuted? We can learn how to live bravely in a scary world.

This Week's Action Step: 

Pray for bravery instead of safety. 

Small Group

Small Group Questions:

Do you think the world is becoming a more dangerous place?


o Were/Are you surprised to learn the world is actually becoming a much safer place?

• Why do you think we think the world is becoming more dangerous although it’s actually becoming safer?

• If mass media makes us feel like the world is a scarier place than it really is, what are some practical ways we can stay aware of what’s going on in the world without taking in too much mass media?

• “As our world has become safer, we’ve become more accustomed to safety, and as we’ve become more accustomed to safety we’ve also started to feel more entitled to safety. We think Jesus is obligated to keep us safe.”

o Discuss. Do you agree or disagree?

• Do you think you’re too concerned with your or your family’s safety? Are there ways your hyper-concern for safety might be hindering your ability to be brave and faithful to Christ?

• In Revelation 2:10, Jesus tells the church at Smyrna to not be afraid, even though they were going to suffer. He didn’t tell them to not be afraid because he would deliver them from suffering, or because the world was such a safe place.

Is your courage rooted in Jesus’s victory over sin and death, or is your “courage” rooted in your ability to control your environment and stay safe?

Songs from Today

The Lion And The Lamb by Brenton Brown, Brian Johnson, and Leeland Mooring

Give Me Faith by Mack Brock, Chris Brown, London Gatch, and Wade Joye

All The Poor And Powerless by Leslie Jordan and David Leonard

I Will Exalt by Amanda Falk

Take Courage by Jeremy Riddle, Joel Taylor, and Kristene DiMarco