Dear Church| Intro

Despite all her flaws, the church is still the Bride of Christ. Jesus loves the church, died for the church, protects the church, and purifies the church. To rightly love Jesus means to love what Jesus loves... that means we should love the church as well.

This Week's Action Step: 

Write down, or discuss with friends and family, what you love about your church and then spend time praying for your church this week.

Small Group

Small Group Questions:

1.  The author of the book of Revelation is identified as the apostle John.  What all do we know about John’s life?

2.  Why do you think John chooses to introduce himself in verse 9 as “your brother and partner in tribulation…” rather than stating his authority as an apostle of Jesus Christ (as was more common)?  Any significance to that?

3.  John sees Jesus in his glorified state rather than his incarnate state.  In other words, John sees Jesus not as a humble, marginalized, Galilean peasant, but as a glorious Sovereign King and ruler of all.  Why is that important?  Why might this view of Jesus be particularly encouraging to John and the church in the midst of trials and tribulations?  

4.  Have you ever heard someone say something like, “I love Jesus, I just don’t care for the church?” Why is that problematic?  What causes some people, including some people who claim to be Christians, to despise the church?  What can you say/do to help change their opinions of the church?

5.  It’s easy to be critical of the church.  There’s plenty to be critical about.  But part of the action step this week was to discuss what you love about your church with friends or family.  As you wrap up your time together as a small group, take some time and do that.   Discuss what you love about your church.  

Songs from Today

Unstoppable God by Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye

Jesus We Love You by Hannah McClure, Kalley Heiligenthal, and Paul McClure

God I Look To You by Jenn Johnson

Ever Be by Bobby Strand, Chris Greely, Gabriel Wilson, and Kalley Heiligenthal

Come To The River