Politics of Jesus| Beauty Will Save the World

As the salt of the earth and light of the world, the church cannot be bland or hidden. Our strategy to transform the world isn't the power of our arguments or condemnation, but the power of our love.

This Week's Action Step: 

Do something kind for someone you know doesn't know Jesus.

Small Group

Small Group Questions:



·      Third week of our series, The Politics of Jesus…walking through the Sermon on the Mount.

·      This week we discussed Matthew 5:13-20, though really just verses 13-16.


Big Ideas

·      Jesus tells us his expectations for us by using a couple of metaphors: you are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.

·      Jesus tells us we cannot be bland and we cannot blend in.

·      The power of Christian faith is not found in the strength of our arguments or condemnations, but in the beauty of our lives.


Small Group Questions

  • I said the goal of Christianity is becoming fully alive, not not sinning.
    • Do you agree with that, and if so, why might that be an important distinction to make?
  • We talked about the temptation to blend in and be like everybody else—to be nice and love Jesus, but still pursue the American Dream and spend our time and money however we want, and not take Christianity too seriously because it might ruin our good time.
    • In what ways do you, as a Christian, feel the temptation to blend in and be like everybody else?
  • Have you ever thought about how much human conscience has changed because of Jesus? That things like exposing infants and killing inconvenient people used to be normal and now, because of Jesus they’re not normal?
  • The power of Christianity is not the power of exclusion, violence, or shame. Our power is not the force of our arguments or condemnations, but the beauty of our love.
    • What are some things we could do to make the beauty of Christian faith more apparent to the world?
    • How does understanding that the power of the church is found in love instead of exclusion or shame affect the way we practice

Songs from Today

Glory To Glory - Lauren Evans, Rick Seibold, and William Matthews

Ever Be - Bobby Strand, Chris Greely, Gabriel Wilson, and Kalley Heiligenthal

Reckless Love - by Caleb Culver, Cory Asbury, and Ran Jackson

How Beautiful - Andres Figueroa, Jonathan Smith, and Mariah McManus

Beautiful - Philip Wickham