Politics of Jesus| Blessed

God's plan to heal the world is not a Christian nation but a Christian church. Jesus's church embodies a new world order where even the "un-blessable" are blessed.

This Week's Action Step: 

Spend more time praying than you do watching the news


Small Group

Small Group Questions:

Big Ideas

·      Our belief that America is a Christian nation has made it easy for us to confuse being an American with being a Christian.

·      As Christians, our primary sphere of political activism and allegiance is the church and not the government.

·      The Beatitudes speak to the surprising kinds of people who are blessed in God’s kingdom.


·      So in Matthew 5:1-2, we read that the disciples leave the crowd to go and join Jesus on the mountain, and I suggested that we have a hard time understanding how severe this call to leave the crowd and join the community that is following Jesus is, because we’ve assumed that America is a Christian nation, and so we’ve also assumed that to be American is to be Christian.

o   So what do you think? Is America a Christian nation? And does the belief that America is a Christian nation make it easy to confuse being an American with being a Christian.

·      Along those lines, I suggested that thinking of America as a Christian nation cn make it easy to us to treat governmental politics as the center of Christian activity and allegiance, when the church should actually be the center of our political activity and allegiance.

o   What do you think about that? Do you agree? What are the implications?

·      Also along those lines, what do you think it would look like for us to transform our passion for a particular political party into a passion for the church?

·      During the sermon I suggested that many of us have far too vested an interest in being conservative or progressive and it has hindered our ability to be faithful

o    Do you agree?

·      Transitioning to the Beatitudes, how does it change the way you read them to realize they are not suggestions, but are rather proclamations of blessing upon people the world says are not blessed?

·      What can you/we do to help Vista become a place where we bless the kinds of people the world forgets and insults?

Songs from Today

Love Goes On by Joel Davies, Hannah Hobbs, and Laura Toggs

Only King Forever by Mack Brock, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Wade Joye

On & On by Yancy

Yes And Amen by Anthony Brown, Chris McClarney, and Nate Moore

All The Poor And Powerless by Leslie Jordan and David Leonard