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Radical giving and sharing is part of discipleship. Consumerism and individualism are powerful forces that make it hard. What do we do?


This Week's Action Step: 

1. Find a financial accountability partner.

2. Start regularly giving

3. Join a small group


Small Group

Small Group Questions:

  • When you read Acts 4:32-35, what things jump out to you about the way they treated their money and possessions?
  • Do you think that kind of radical giving and sharing is possible today?
  • Related to consumerism, we said it’s a kind of religion that teaches us that our lives are incomplete, obsolete, and boring unless we’re constantly buying new things and that it’s goal is to create dissatisfaction in our lives.
    • How have you experience our culture pushing “the organized creation of dissatisfaction” in your life?
    • How do you combat that? How do you learn to be satisfied with what you have?
  • If everything that exists is, technically, God’s, why do we have such a hard time giving?
  • Discuss this quote: “If our goods are not available to the community when it is clearly right and good, then they are stolen goods.”
  • How might understanding that the church is our family help us treat our possessions more communally and less privately?
  • Do you have people in your life who are holding you accountable financially?
    • Our financial life should not be more private than our sex life.
  • What’s one small, specific step you can take to make giving a regular part of your life?