Vista Community Church is a 13-year-old church plant located in Temple, TX. We’re a non-denominational, diverse community, comprised with people from various denominational backgrounds, and many with no church background at all.

The gospel gives us a unity that transcends all our differences. We love Jesus and we love each other. We welcome the kingdom of God in our midst. We love sinners. We practice a generous orthodoxy wherein we are serious about living and sharing the gospel, but refuse to pick petty fights with each other.

We do things with excellence and simplicity, cultivating an innovative but down to earth church culture. Our people are generous, gracious, hospitable, patient, and kind. We don’t care about being big. We don’t care about being important. We don’t care about being “progressive” or “conservative.” We care about being faithful.

Both the Vista and greater Temple area are experiencing tremendous growth. We love the numerical growth and resulting opportunity, but we also know that numbers aren’t the only thing we have to measure. Ultimately, we measure success by discipleship, by our ability to be used by God to make disciples who make disciples. Small groups are the essential element in that process. We have work to do to get our small groups in a place to handle the growth we’ve experienced, and excited to hire someone who will help us make that happen.