As of now, we have met all the supply needs that our local evacuee shelters need, and we have not only met those needs, but met them in abundance!

The outpouring has been incredible. The area Red Cross leader told us she has never seen a community respond to a disaster with this much generosity, support, and competency. God is at work, and it’s been our privilege to play a small part in that work.

In the upcoming days we’ll continue to look for ways to help and support our local evacuee shelters, be that by providing activities for children or personal care and counseling. As those opportunities arise, we’ll make sure you know about them. In many ways this is all only the beginning, because once the waters recede, there will be a long restoration process, and we will find ways to continue to serve.

So with things at Vista currently paused in regards to receiving, sorting, and sharing donations, what can you do?

  • First, you can pray. And as a reminder, we don’t pray because we can’t do anything else. We pray because there is nothing we can do that is more important than prayer. We pray because everything we could ever do is grounded in the bigger work that only God can do.
  • Second, you can continue to give financially through the Vista, and we will make sure that 100% of those donations go to responsible organizations that are doing important relief work.

If and when new opportunities arise, we’ll be sure to let you know. We’ve never been prouder of our church. Our hearts are full of love and appreciation.

In Christ,
The Vista Staff & Elders

How were the items used to bless those in need?


Our first priority was to supply nearly 600 Bell County Evacuees spread out over 11 shelters and various homes/motels with anything they needed.

Each day we invited them over on charter buses from the various shelters to supply them with clothes, personal hygiene items, diapers and activities for kids, and tons of snacks.

Using horse trailers, box trucks, and airplanes we then partnered with several different groups and organizations to get the most important items to the coast however we could.

The only remaining items at this time are clothes that have be presorted and prepped on pallets. Once the coastal communities are able to setup dry storage we will truck down the remaining clothes to help people begin to rebuild.