Christmas For The City 2017

Sat December 2 @ Wilson Rec Center in Temple, TX



December 1st Set Up Team: This team will help to transport all of the supplies for the event from The Vista to the Wilson Recreation Center on Friday December 1st at 7:30PM. This team will help to ensure that everything is set up in the Wilson center to ensure that the day of will flow smoothly.


Spanish Speakers: This team should be fluent in Spanish, and comfortable translating for families. This team will float throughout the event and help with translation wherever they are needed.


Family Host: This team will greet guest families, help with the process of registration, and serve as general support during the event. Volunteers in this role should be comfortable having conversations with people they have not met before.


Meal Host: This team will help serve food, pick up trash, and help to create a welcoming atmosphere during the event.


Room Host: This smaller team will help to create a functional atmosphere within the shopping rooms as well as help families pick out the items that they need.


Supplies Stocker: This team will help to ensure that each of the shopping rooms stays stocked with the items that they need. This team will do a bit of walking and lifting.

“Anywhere Ya Need Me”: This is a team of “go getters” who are willing to jump in and serve wherever they are needed. This team could fill any of the other positions as needed.